These rules and regulations are for the benefit of all residents and guests at Woodgate Condominium/Community Association. These rules and regulations extend to all adult and minor aged residents, guests, and invitees as stated in the governing docs of Woodgate Condominium/Community Association including residents on a tenancy basis. Any vehicles owned by a resident, guest, or invitee, is subject to towing when not in compliance with vehicle rules and regulations. Cost of towing and storage is at the vehicle owner’s expense and is not subject to reimbursement by the Board of Directors. Towing is enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

General Vehicle Rules

  1. All resident parking spaces (Driveway and Garage) will be utilized first- prior to using a guest parking space. Additionally, each unit will be limited to one vehicle overflow in guest parking. Example: a townhome-style unit with a garage has two spaces in his driveway, another space in the limited common element area, and a garage that must be utilized prior to parking a 5th vehicle in guest parking. If at any time, there is more than one vehicle in guest parking, that vehicle will be subject to immediate towing. If you have four cars and are using guest parking and not the garage, you are subject to immediate towing. In Villas-style homes, there are ONLY two spaces assigned to the home. You will not be able to register more than 3 cars and/or use more than one guest space.
  2. No unit owner may ever register a vehicle for another Woodgate resident at their home.
  3. Company cars and loaner vehicles that are not permanently registered to a resident/unit may not be parked on the property.
  4. All vehicles will be parked in a designated parking space.
  5. Residents will ensure that Woodgate Condominium has current and updated vehicle information for all vehicles in their charge, including guests and tenants that are parked on the property.
  6. No luxury passenger limousine, limousine type vehicles, or hearses are permitted except when picking up and dropping off residents and their guests or invitees.
  7. No buses or recreational vehicles: including pickup truck bed mounted camper tops, slideins, trail-behind type campers, including “pop-ups”, motor homes, or other types, including bus and box type van conversions.
  8. No motorcycles, or tricycle type vehicles
  9. No mopeds, Go-peds, go karts, mini bikes, or dune buggies.
  10. No dually type vehicles.
  11. No boats, jet skis, wave runners, ATC’s, ATVs, or their trailer maybe parked or stored on association property.
  12. No utility type trailers. Exception when used by a contractor on behalf of the Board of Directors for the Association, or a unit owner for repair and maintenance to their unit. Any trailer must be parked so as not to create a parking nuisance.
  13. No exterior mounted tools, toolboxes, vices, winches, water coolers, etc.
  14. Pick-up truck beds that are on the property will be kept empty.
  15. All vehicles must be kept in good physical and visible condition. Vehicles must not be crashed, dented, have rusty panels, broken or missing bumpers, broken or cracked windows, broken lamps or lenses. All vehicle panels are to be painted the same color unless purchased from manufacturer otherwise. No primer should be visible on the vehicles.
  16. Trash bags, plastic coverings, tape, or any other type of material that was not originally installed on the vehicle will NEVER be permitted to cover a vehicle window. 17. Vehicles must remain in mechanically operable condition, and free of fluid.
  17. Vehicles must remain in mechanically operable condition, and free of fluid leaks.
  18. Vehicle emissions must be within vehicle manufacturer levels.
  19. All flat tires must be repaired within 24 hours.
  20. Guest parking will not be permitted in guest spots for more than seven days- unless approved by management.
  21. Window tinting must be maintained in good visible condition. It must not be faded, torn, bubbling, or incomplete.
  22. Spare tire covers must be in good physical condition free of rips, tears, holes, cracks, chips etc. If applicable, the zipper, snaps, or latching mechanism has to be utilized.
  23. All vehicles must clearly display a properly registered, non-expired government license plate.
  24. Residents must comply with state law regarding vehicle registration. Florida residents that reside in Woodgate must have a Woodgate address on their Florida vehicle registrations.
  25. Vehicles may not exceed and must be parked inside width of association marked parking spaces.
  26. No advertising will be displayed on the vehicles including, but not limited to: “For Sale” signs, phone numbers, internet websites, emails or any other type of signs or markings.
  27. Exhaust systems may not be so loud as to disturb others.
  28. Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked on Association property except in the performance of their work. The following has been described as a commercial vehicle: any vehicle designed for a purpose other than used as a passenger vehicle. Also, any vehicle bearing letters, numerals, decals, or signs of any type that can be construed as commercial advertising, internet websites, etc.
  29. No panel vans will be permitted on the property. Each vehicle panel on the van must have a window
  30. Any vehicle design wholly or partially for utilitarian use, whether any type of equipment is visible, or the vehicle is constructed in such a way where it stores commercial equipment or items in a concealed or open compartment. The only exception is when contractors are hired by the Board of Directors on behalf of the Association for repair, maintenance to the common property or by a unit owner for repair and maintenance to their units.
  31. Vehicle stereo systems may not be operated in a manner so that it can be heard 25 feet from the vehicle.
  32. Vehicle car covers must be clean and free from tears, fraying, or holes.
  33. Vehicle bumper height will be within manufacturer specifications.
  34. All vehicles will be parked head-in.
  35. Any vehicles parked on the grass will be towed without further warning.
  36. Any vehicle double parked behind another vehicle will be towed immediately without warning.

 Decal Installation Program

  1. The cost of each Decal is $20.
  2. Each Decal request requires a separate DECAL FORM and PAYMENT LINK.
  3. You will get an email receipt of your payment to the email you provide. Please SAVE, this is your ONLY proof of payment and submission.
  4. GPA Managing has 14 days to deliver you the Decal.
  5. Follow installation procedures: a. Decals will be placed on the exterior of the rear window in the lower, left side corner. b. If the decal is placed on the wrong vehicle, that vehicle is subject to towing. c. Improperly placed decals will have to be replaced at the residents’ cost.
  6. Decals are not transferable. If the assigned vehicle is sold or traded, a new decal will have to be issued for the replacement vehicle at the residents’ cost.
  7. Resident will immediately notify management of any lost or stolen decals.
  8. Decals will only be issued to APPROVED residents of the community.
  9. If a non-resident has a parking decal on his/her vehicle, that decal will be classified as Null and Void. That vehicle will then be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.